Urethane & Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Urethane & Polyurethane Foam Insulation

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Isolation Majeau install only spray foam type II with CCMC (Canadian construction materials center) number approuved. WALLTITE v.5 (BASF) and HEATLOK Soya HFO (Huntsman) are the best products on the market.

The major advantages of sprayed urethane foam:

  • It has a high R-value: 6 per inch
  • It sticks to all substrates (steel, concrete, wood)
  • Because it adheres perfectly to substrates, it can be used to seal a structure continuously without creating any joints (a major advantage over polystyrene)
  • It serves as an air barrier
  • It serves as a vapour barrier
  • It is quick to apply

Sprayed urethane foam must be applied in compliance with CAN/ULC S705.2 standards by a holder of a valid certification, e.g., CALIBER program.

Ask and demand urethane Type 2 because type 1 is less efficient.

Isolation Majeau recommends

It is essential, according to Isolation Majeau, that you ask for the most effective sprayed urethane foam on the market: WALLTITE v.5 or Heatlok Soya, which has a long-term value of R-6 per inch (R-7.2 upon application).

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  • Sprayed urethane foam: three products in one
  • Multiple benefits
  • Ideal for basements

Sprayed urethane foam: three products in one

Urethane combines – in a single product and with a single application – three key elements in the construction of sustainable, healthy and energy-efficient buildings:

  • A high-performance insulation
  • An air barrier
  • A vapour barrier

In other words, it helps you reduce your energy consumption, both in winter and in the summer!

Multiple benefits of sprayed urethane foam

  • High R-value: over R-6 per inch*.
  • Environmentally friendly: contains recycled products
  • Leak tightness: high sealing power
  • Continuity: no joints
  • Air barrier
  • Vapour barrier
  • Increases the rigidity of the structure
  • Strong adherence
  • Stable
  • Approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC)
  • Complies with the CAN/ULC S705.1 materials standard
  • LEED credits
  • Zero ODS: no ozone-depleting substances

(* R-7. 2 upon application)

Spray urethane foam is incomparable when it comes to insulating:

  • Side joists (the junctures between the floor and the walls – above ground)
  • Foundation walls
  • Steel beams or columns
  • Behind air ducts
  • Spaces that are difficult to reach
  • Basement concrete slabs

Ideal for basements

Sprayed urethane foam is the ideal insulation for the basement. Rigid insulation sheets, e.g., polystyrene, cause two major problems. It is very difficult to:

  • Seal the joints between the sheets
  • Obtain perfect adherence to the concrete

Any leakage between the insulation and the concrete will let in moisture and cause condensation, which can lead to mould.

Urethane solves all these problems: it adheres perfectly to concrete without creating any joints, and effectively blocks out air and moisture.

Check out the SCHL report (in French only) that confirms this.