Carefully Selected Suppliers

Carefully Selected Suppliers

Get up to $300.00 off spray foam and cellulose. Execution of work on April 30, 2024 or before, this discount is exclusive to owners of residential buildings (5% discount up to $300.00 maximum).

More Than A Provider: A Partner!

Recognized as an industry leader for more than 40 years, Huntsman (Demilec) has acquired a solid reputation as a manufacturer of polyurethane foams, with innovative, high-quality, and environmentally friendly products.

For example, HEATLOK™ SOYA HFO (AirMéticMD Soya HFO, in French) are made from renewable natural oils and recycled plastic bottles, and they outperform comparable products on the market.

These two products are used to insulate residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The results obtained with Huntsman products exceed both industry standards and environmental requirements. Furthermore, they reduce both construction costs and the energy consumption of buildings.

More Than a Manufacturer – An Innovator!

Since 1977, Igloo Cellulose Inc. has become a major Québec manufacturer of cellulose insulation and established its presence on the global market.

Thanks to its advanced technology, expertise and know-how, Igloo Cellulose has developed a unique business model and a winning formula to market a product that we see, at Isolation Majeau, as the best cellulose insulation product on the market. R-value is 3.7 per inch.

Cellulose fibre is used in walls, roofs, floors, ceilings and other enclosed spaces of residential and commercial buildings located in cold climates.

Igloo Cellulose has also developed, for commercial and industrial applications, a special and exclusive wall envelope that meets construction criteria in tropical climates. The company now exports its products to the United States and Central and South America.