Isolation Majeau Certifications – More than Just Logos!

Isolation Majeau Certifications – More than Just Logos!

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Over the years, Isolation Majeau has become an industry reference when it comes to developing certification standards with suppliers and governmental bodies.

This is confirmed by our certifications:

  • RBQ
  • Novoclimat
  • Rénoclimat
  • Fireproofing


Isolation Majeau is a member of APCHQ, Québec’s provincial homebuilders association for the Lanaudière region and the Greater Montréal area, which represents more than 6,200 members who are active in the home construction and renovation industry.


We have held a license from the RBQ (Régie du Bâtiment du Québec) since 1993. This government body, which was created in 1992, oversees the application of the Building Act.


Caliber QAP is a Quality Assurance Program managed by Caliber Quality Solutions, a quality assurance solutions provider.

Caliber QAP encompasses the processes, procedures and personnel to support the Site Quality Assurance Program (SQAP) for building product manufacturers.   Caliber is responsible for all activities related to the certification of installers to provide assurance that they are trained, knowledgeable and skilled to install products.


This program is designed for individuals who want to buy an energy-efficient home. NovoClimat’s success is easy to understand: the program guarantees increased comfort, and it helps consumers reduce heating costs by 25 percent – year after year! See the new Novoclimat 2.0 available since October 2013 !


This program is the equivalent of NovoClimat for renovations. It provides financial support according to the type of renovations and, in many cases, depending on the project’s surface area.


Isolation Majeau is an approved applicator of fireproofing and thermal insulation products offered by AD Protection for fire hazards. We have also a new product call DC-315 used as a thermal barrier.