Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose Insulation

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Cellulose is the ideal product for roof thermal insulation and ceiling soundproofing. Also, an innovative technology now makes it possible to inject cellulose into the walls, thus increasing the insulation value since the blown-in material with a seamless insulation that tightly hugs every component of the structure.

Isolation Majeau install only cellulose fiber with CCMC number approuved (Canadian construction materials center).

Cellulose fibre insulation offers many advantages:

High thermal performance. Cellulose has higher thermal resistance than fiberglass, with an R value of 3.7 per inch compared to 3.0 for fibreglass.

Cost-effectiveness. Cellulose is more affordable than any other insulating product and its service life is 50 years and more.

Eco-friendliness. Cellulose is a natural product, more than 85% of which comes from newsprint recycled by printing plants.

Safety. Cellulose, a certified low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) product, is non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin and eyes. It is also treated with a mineral product (borax) against fire, mold, and insects.

Homogeneity. When uniformly applied, cellulose offers maximum insulation value because it eliminates thermal bridges.

Sound-absorbing. The density of cellulose helps reduce sound propagation, which makes it an excellent soundproofing product for ceilings. For enhanced soundproofing, it is possible to inject up to 3.0 lb/sq. ft.

Rapid application. The installation of cellulose is very quick. Using a hose and specialized pneumatic equipment, it takes a qualified installer less than an hour to insulate the attic space of a single-family home.

A Unique Product

Igloo’s 360 HD™ technology makes it possible to uniformly install the product in the walls, thus providing efficient and lasting insulation.

Igloo’s unique process is known to provide:

  • Uniform density
  • An R value of 3.7 per inch
  • Superior soundproofing

It is therefore no coincidence if cellulose has become increasingly in popular in recent years: it’s both a smart and environmentally friendly choice!