Insulation and soundproofing products

We encourage the use of the following products, which are among the most effective and environmentally friendly products available: Heatlok Soya, Démilec and Igloo Cellulose.

  • Sprayed Urethane
  • Cellulose
  • Batt insulation
  • Soundproofing
  • Thermal barrier
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Our certifications

*Get up to $300.00 off spray foam and cellulose. Execution of work on April 30, 2024 or before, this discount is exclusive to owners of residential buildings (5% discount up to $300.00 maximum).


Demand that your contractor and applicator employees be certified by a recognized association such as CALIBER.


Make sure that the products that are applied have a CCMC certification number (Canadian Construction Materials Centre).




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What is Sprayed urethane ?

Urethane combines three key elements in the construction of sustainable, healthy and energy-efficient buildings:

  • A high-performance insulation
  • An air barrier
  • A vapour barrier

In other words, it helps you reduce your energy consumption, both in winter and in the summer!

Isolation uréthane giclée