Insulation at Isolation Majeau – More Than Just Hollow Words!

Insulation at Isolation Majeau – More Than Just Hollow Words!

Get up to $300.00 off spray foam and cellulose. Execution of work on July 15, 2024 or before, this discount is exclusive to owners of residential buildings (5% discount up to $300.00 maximum).

We walked the talk, long before the ideas expressed below took shape. Even if we have not always worded them in the same way, these statements represent the “Majeau spirit” as we’ve felt it from day one.

Our vision

To be recognized as a leader of energy efficiency and the responsible use of environmentally friendly materials in the area of thermal insulation of buildings.

Our mission

To carry out each insulation project to your full satisfaction, guarantee your comfort and do everything in our power to make your home worthy of your dreams – that’s all!

Our values

“Pride, a sense of belonging, and respect.” These words sum up the main values that Isolation Majeau has cherished from the beginning.

Pride – Customer experience
We do our work with pride: For Isolation Majeau employees, each customer is special, and every project is unique.

A sense of belonging – Family and personal development
We promote family and stability, as well as the development of our human resources through training and empowerment.

Respect – Mutual cooperation
For Majeau employees – as for many people – respect and team spirit are essential to successful business development. What makes the difference is that Majeau employees work in an environment that upholds these values. This means that we respect our co-workers’ roles and make it a point of honor to help a co-worker in need.

Respect – Environment
At Isolation Majeau, carrying out an insulation project according to our values means:

  • Preserving energy and reducing our environmental footprint as much as possible (Urethane & Polyurethane Foam Insulation)
  • Using innovative products and techniques
  • Developing our expertise in terms of energy efficiency and sharing it with our employees, suppliers, business partners, and customers
  • Increasing our community’s and clientele’s awareness of the importance and advantages of striking a balance between well-being, cost-effectiveness and the environment