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Heatlok Soya is the only spray urethane foam made from recycled plastic bottles, renewable natural oils (soya) and water.

Ask and demand urethane type II because type I is less efficient.

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Cellulose is the ideal product for the thermal insulation of roofs and soundproofing ceilings.

A new technology now makes it possible for Isolation Majeau to inject cellulose directly into walls.

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Batt insulation

This type of insulation, which has been popular for years – and even decades – comes in two different forms, depending on its application: batt or blown-in.

Tips to obtain effective insulation...

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Recognized as an industry leader for more than 25 years, DEMILEC has acquired a solid reputation as a manufacturer of urethane foams, with innovative, high-quality, and environmentally friendly products.

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