Rénoclimat: Generous Subsidy for Green Renovations

Rénoclimat: Generous Subsidy for Green Renovations

Get up to $300.00 off spray foam and cellulose. Execution of work on July 15, 2024 or before, this discount is exclusive to owners of residential buildings (5% discount up to $300.00 maximum).

Work is needed in your home and you’re looking for a way to reduce the bill for your renovations without cutting corners? Note that the Government of Quebec is currently providing you with a very advantageous subsidy aimed at encouraging homeowners like you to increase the energy efficiency of their homes.

Rénoclimat: a program that can save you more than $5,000.

Rénoclimat, another great incentive from the Government of Quebec, offers you an attractive discount on renovation work aimed at reducing the energy consumption of your home or your duplex/triplex.

See the Conditions for Eligibility

To qualify for this financial assistance, you must undertake the following since May 1, 2024 :

– Improved roof insulation value (maximum reimbursement: $1,500)

– Improvement of the foundations’ insulating value of (maximum reimbursement: $2,500)

– Improving the exterior walls’ insulating value (maximum reimbursement: $3,750)

– Improving the insulating value of an exposed floor (maximum reimbursement: $370)

The amounts may vary depending on the type of building.

In the event of a disparity between the amounts displayed on this page and those on the Rénoclimat website, the latter prevail.

See All the Details About Eligible Work

IMPORTANT: You must be able to certify, using a before and after energy evaluation, that the renovations have increased your home’s EnerGuide rating by at least one point. So be sure to make an appointment with a Rénoclimat inspector before you begin your renovation.

Also note that it’s possible to participate several times in the Rénoclimat program for the same home.


In addition to the already attractive government programs, some municipalities offer their residents additional financial support. This is particularly the case of the city of Varennes, in Montérégie, which has implemented the Habitation Durable program, aimed at encouraging eco-responsible renovation. Residents of Varennes who wish to move forward with their project to increase the energy efficiency of their home can thus benefit from a grant of up to $3,000.

In Laval and Montreal, many grants are also offered to residents, depending on the borough. Ask your municipality about significant financial assistance for your insulation work!.


This article was originally published on July 1, 2022 by François Morissette